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What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

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Mia Sherlock and Amoy Henry were aspiring Journalists. They had always visioned themselves on the big screen. 

Mia's parents had been divorced and Mia's mother, Alexa took the breakup mentally. While Amoy's mother was an alcoholic. 

Mia has had many failed relationships. Her best friend, Amoy, encouraged her to sek another relationship, as she was positive someone was out there for her, but Mia was determined to stay single. She was convinced that person who was made for her had died. But will Mia stay single forever? Is Amoy's relationship as perfect as it seems to everyone? Will Mia's mother ever find peace, and move on from her past? Or will she continue holding on to her past with David? Will Mia's sister, Kia, ever experience the same heartbreaks as Mia? What will make Mia view life differently? Will she continue seeing herself as a failure? Is there a guy out there for Mia, one who will stand by her side for life? Or will she get hurt if she goes into another relationship again?

To find out more let's turn the pages of 'What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger'.

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