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Love, Sex and Other Drugs

136 pages2 hours


A book about relationships and differences between men and women.
From this book you will learn about:
- what is love?
- the chemical formula of love
- how and why can happen love at first sight?
- location of sex and love in the brain
- what combination of hormones causes falling in love, desire and passion?
- why men are so addicted to watching and practicing sports?
- why women are so good at communication and establishing relationships?
- why cheating happens in a relationship?
- why do we want to have sex?
- why is affection so important in a relationship?
- what do we want from sex?
- what women want?
- what men want?
- what women find appealing in men?
- what incite men?
- how can you express your affection most efficiently?
- how you can improve your relationship or marriage?
- how to get over a breakup?

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