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7 Functions of Apostolic Leadership Vol 1 - Mentoring, Coaching, Discipling, Counseling, Training, Managing

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The 7 Functions of Apostolic Leadership Volume 1

There are 7 essential functions that all Apostles should know. Here is what you will find contained in this book:

1. Mentoring - Mentoring is a temporary process in which just one quality is transmitted from the mentor to the mentee.

2. Coaching - Not to be confused with a sports coach or trainer, and also not the same as a Life Coach.

3. Discipling - This is often confused with mentoring, but it is far more comprehensive.

4. Counseling - Usually the domain of the Pastor, counseling moves to a whole new level when it is carried out an an apostolic level.

5. Training - This moves way beyond the process of teaching. The Apostolic Trainer is far more than a teacher.

6. Managing - Managing brings most of the leadership functions together to enable the highest level of leadership in the Body of Christ.

The 7th Function of Spiritual and Apostolic parenting can be found in Volume 2 of the series.

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