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Jacob’s Code for Love and Happiness

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( Excuse me, have you been sitting here long?
Yes, nearly half an hour ago.
Do you know who this wrapper belongs to?)

That boy is really stupid to throw away this wrapper.
if it doesn’t return, I will thank God anyway and hope that
he’ll make it up to me.

I wondered in surprise
about what that the boy had lost and had desperately hoped for its return.
What was he talking about I wonder? Is it the paper wrap?

How A Piece of Chocolate Change Me ?!
Dad, let’s play the awakening game.
What is it called “the Awakening game”? I asked:

I looked at the box, wondering to myself: What does it have to do with the Awakening game?
Mr. (Patrick) put his hands on my shoulders and said:
Bring the box and follow me.

hopefully to get another way to know everything about Jacob’s Code
The Code Disappear With His Death or not ?
Follow me too ...

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