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Collective Change - Book Three

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Megan was only days away from succumbing to cancer. A miraculous cure caught the attention of government agents intent on capturing the angel that saved her. Megan’s escape from these men connected her with the world of angels and their mission. Megan freely gave up her life to become part of this supernatural world. She needed their help to stay alive and they needed her to help repair humanities future.

Hours after becoming an Agent, half human and half angel, Megan loses her mentor and friend to a realm beyond time itself. With the help of her new angel family, Megan must learn to control her new abilities before she causes the deaths of innocent and not so innocent people.

A series of assignments given to Megan by the collective will test her abilities and possibly allow her to discover the cure for what plagues the whole world. A discovery of this magnitude will come at a cost. Will Megan give up happiness, love and ultimately her life to achieve the ultimate reward?

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