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Country Boy Rides Again

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“Country Boy Rides Again” is a continuation of poems in “Country Boy” published in March, 2018. “Country Boy” presented the author’s poems written in 1977. “Country Boy Rides Again” are the author’s poems penned in the years, 1978 - 1981. The author’s primary goal, upon retiring from the day-to-day working world in 2016, was to organize and self-publish his fifty years of written poetry for twelve people. His wife: Molly; his children: Mark, Jr., Susan and Kelly; and: his eight grandchildren: Samuel, Bradley, Eloise, Karen, Miles, John, Cate and Patrick. As Mark stated, “These twelve individual blessings are the heart and soul of my reason for living.” It is preserving his poetry for his immediate family and a few friends that has motivated him to self-publish. The author also stated, “Of course, should I be “discovered” and become one of America’s most beloved poets, I will not be surprised!”

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