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The City of Tuscaloosa: The Real Truth: Undressed of Mendacity, Redressed In Veracity

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King, Kennedy, Stokely, Malcolm, Medgar, Emmett Till, Thurgood—these are a few of the most prominent names to rise out of the ashes of the civil rights movement. But there are also countless others who have been the unsung heroes of the movement. Nathaniel Howard reflects on the battles he fought while trying to integrate Tuscaloosa. Growing up during the peak of racial tensions and the rise of the civil rights movement, he chronicles his and his family’s life before he would go on to work with churches and activists and give voice to his community. He was willing to put his life in danger as he stood on the front lines of the civil rights movement, organizing and participating in marches, assisting in voter registration, and testifying before a federal grand jury in opposition to police brutality. The true legacy of the civil rights movement is the untold story of Howard and many others like him who were foot soldiers in the movement—demanding jobs, equality, and justice for the black community.

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