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Hero by Heart

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Wyatt Wonder is the masked avenger, dubbed as the ski mask vigilante by his adversaries, who found his way into fighting the evils of his neighborhood by accident. The big test comes when he goes against the mob boss, Vince Bizarro, and his array of henchmen of Quickie, Concrete, Hands, and Silencer. It’s an uphill battle when Bizarro is aided by two corrupt cops.
To help Wyatt in his cause is Vivien Clark, the lost girl whose raw temperament can be seen as offensive by many. Both are at the crossroads of their life, with one losing his only known relative and the other trying to find affection and security.

Behind the saga of the good, the bad, love, and the battle for their livelihood, this illusory tale consists every bit from action, crime, romance, social issues, economics, sports, and even the culinary arts. It has plenty of raw humor blended in to take on the most taboo of current subjects in a different light.

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