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RIPPED-APART Understanding, Coping and Living with Gender Dysphoria

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Gender Dysphoria is a term that strikes fear, confusion, angst, and anger into the hearts of millions of people and families world-wide. It’s not a new phenomenon, but with the opening up of the internet and knowledge becoming more wide-spread, it is drawing a lot more awareness as more and more people present themselves for treatment for a condition many people lived with for years, not understanding why they felt different, why they were suffering.
This book isn’t about understanding the causes of Gender Dysphoria (henceforth called GD), because the Medical, Psychiatric and Psychological communities have no definitive understanding of the cause(s), although a multitude of theories abound, from in utero hormonal imbalances or timing, differences in brain structure, sexual addiction, incomplete or improper bonding with a parental figure; some theories seemingly plausible, and some pure crap. What is REAL is often times the anxiety, depression, stress, headaches, pain, guilt, shame, and in some most serious cases, death by their own hand, along with various other manifestations of the dis-associative feelings trans-men and trans-women have about their perceived gender identity and their natal gender assignment via their organs and hormonal development. To those dealing with this dichotomy, these dis-associative feeling can cause one to literally feel RIPPED APART. Others have learned to manage or blend these different aspects of their being in various ways while some seek relief in presenting themselves for the only treatment currently available, pharmacological and surgical realignment of their body with their mind.
This book, written by a trans-women who has not yet been able to transition is for those who also are coping with Gender Dysphoria. It is intended to give another perspective of understanding and living with this condition.

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