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American Prefabulous

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Jake begins his post-college life with bright eyes, but he soon finds out that the dating scene and his career are like what rush hour, spilled coffee, distracted half-listening, and booger whistles all have in common...they suck. So, he does what any brave, resilient fellow would do. He quits both dating and his job. Soon after his couch chronicles turn his beard into a mustard nest, a knock on the door from Stella changes his world completely. The romantic pursuit is back on, but the career is not. Unable to swallow putting on another suit and tie and equally unable to pay the rent, Jake ventures into the streets to find a new kind of life. Disheveled, hungry, broke, and against stiff competition for Stella’s heart, he realizes he needs to up his game. Through peculiar friendships, pleasant surprises, and lots of laughs, Jake risks everything to find what he is looking for. Will he win Stella’s heart? Will he pick the correct deodorant? Will he figure out what it really means to be happy?

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