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Scenes from the Carnival Lounge, A Collection of Odd Tales

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What scares you?

Let’s consider fear for a moment...
Fear strikes in many ways. It titillates and terrifies. It can be prosaic or sublime. It’s grim, gritty, seedy, and dark. Fear can be subtle — something that bubbles just under the surface of our perception. It can linger for years, or effervesce before the page is turned. Fear transforms, mutates and evolves. It can be silent and gentle
or thundering and vicious. And, in large enough doses, fear can kill. But, there are fates worse than death.
Far, far worse fates, indeed...
Scenes From The Carnival Lounge is a collection of tales that explore the many facets of fear. Here, you’ll travel that strange shadow world between waking and sleep; where angels whisper to their acolytes; where monsters don the skins of their victims; where love and betrayal cross paths with deadly consequences; where things long-buried come lurching and hungry back to life.
Dare to enter The Carnival Lounge and remember: that which does not kill you, will probably try again.

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