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Island Heat

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Roman and Philippe are hotshot Hollywood wedding planners about to embark on a new exotic location for big-buck weddings—Tahiti. The French government has just changed the law to allow foreign marriages to take place on these wild, untamed islands, and the ten-day, all-expenses paid trip to the South Seas can’t come at a better time for the couple.
With Roman in remission from a near-fatal bout with male breast cancer, Philippe feels this is like their own honeymoon...except for one small thing. Philippe’s former lover, Tane, is still living in Tahiti and has his sights set on claiming Philippe for himself. Roman, feeling insecure following his devastating illness, watches helplessly as the big, muscular island god makes a play for his man.

Philippe, too, seems thrilled to see Tane again. He would love to re-experience the sexy islander’s touch, only with Roman participating in a threesome. But will Roman become mesmerized by the mysterious islander and agree to the salacious proposal?

Come, feel the heat of Tahiti and a demi-god named Tane...

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