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A Pact with Demons: The Third Collection

91 pages1 hour


A peaceful town harbors a dark secret.
A witch grants wishes...for a price.
And a suspicion of betrayal leads to a trial in the land of demons.

Almon Campbell visits the town of Walkona for a peaceful vacation. However, a girl is missing. The police are keeping a secret that could mean life or death. And then, there is a mysterious woman claiming to fulfill the greatest desires of the lost and hopeless. Almon will have to resist the urge to stick his nose where it doesn't belong if he wants a chance to be normal. Spoiler alert: he can't.

A Pact with Demons conjures a vibrant world alive with demons and fairytale creatures. Tales of love and yearning mingle with folkloric magic to create a humorous and profound mosaic of the human heart.

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