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Lovin' My Boss

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I want you to get on your knees.

“I’m not sucking it,” I say. Defiant.

“I didn’t ask you to. I’m satisfied with this, for now. On your knees. Between my legs, like that.”

I get down, between his knees. His hand strokes the big c*ck in front of me, so close that I can almost taste it. I don’t realize that I’m staring until I hear his voice above me.

“See something you like?”

What if you told your friend that you'd love to get your hands on your boss's meat?

Now what if you sent the text to the wrong number? The most wrong number you could possibly send it to?

And what if he told you to come into his office?

This hot novel is all about power plays, sexy billionaires, marriage contracts, and babies. There are NO CLIFFHANGERS and a guaranteed HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

What would you do?

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