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Keeper of The Tides.

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A man becomes fascinated by a woman that he sees standing next to a large Willow tree as she talks to it. He watches while other people pass by her as they give condescending looks and make remarks. He believes there is more to her than meets the eye and once his confidence is built up he approaches the woman and begins to talk with her. The conversation is labored and exhausting as he tries to figure out why her thoughts and actions bounce from place to place.

After she reveals that she has Autism he understands her behavior, but reassures her that despite the effort it takes to communicate with her, he likes her and they spend the afternoon and evening together under the giant Willow tree where they met.

Her observations of the environment that surrounds them is enticing and poetic to the man that has taken the time and effort to discover the person that is hidden behind the mask of Autism.

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