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The Assembly of Thirteen; The First Two Companions

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The Red trees are all destroyed. The Fairies that cared for them turned to demons or insane. The Red Companion can’t come forth; he is one of the Thirteen; all seems lost.
However, they have one Queen Blue tree left. She gives birth to the Blue Companion the leader of the pack of thirteen that maybe could bring some hope. The nonhumans Koddy, Lavei, Athany, and Gener, are being exterminated systematically and the demons that walk the land are absorbing their magic. The land is cursed. The cursed humans drink, eat, walk, laugh, and live, and they don’t even know they are doomed.
A few know the truth.
A promise said long before gave June Dunbar the privilege to be the child of the Queen Blue Tree, but she doesn’t know it.
A vow said long ago gave a murderer the privilege to be transformed into the last of its kind.
Destruction is slowly taking over the land. Thirteen are needed, all with different types of magic to prevent all from being consumed by the hand of insanity that rises from hell. However, they are slaves, prostitutes, assassins, and simpletons. How can they be more than what they are and who will protect them from the evil that lurks in every corner?

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