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Emily's Burbank Story: The Stepfather from Finland and the Boy from Nowhere: Burbank Story, #1

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Emily Schuster is the daughter of a German-born math teacher and a millionaire businessman who still lives in Germany. While a student at Burbank High in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, navigating the trials and angst of a boy-crazy teenage girl, she finds her worldview shaken up by a homeless boy her mother and stepfather have decided to adopt. Meanwhile, her father, five thousand miles away, is expanding the other half of the asunder Schuster family; he is adopting two boys who are cousins of royalty. Emily's world is topsy turvy and, to make matters worse, it looks as though her stepfather's dream of a Finnish cultural museum is near completion and Emily and her twin brother, as well as their new brother by adoption, will have to live there. Will Emily learn to loosen up and break out of her shell? Will she open her heart to the new possibilities and embrace the changes in this paradoxical and increasingly small world?

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