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Auto Immune Disease and Fibromyalgia: The Traumatic Brain Injury Connection: TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY: TBI & POST-CONCUSSION SYNDOME: PCS, #3

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So, you had a Traumatic Brain Injury, suffered through Post-Concussion Syndrome, now you are faced with new challenges of battling an auto-immune disease or have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Perhaps doctors don't know what is wrong. Still, we are experiencing aches, stiffness, pain, brain fog and plenty of fatigue. Now what? Hasn't a brain injury been enough? Is there a connection? We need answers! We need help! Where do we go from here? We've been to too many doctors already and are just getting more discouraged. Too many drugs are being offered and not enough real help! We must not give up hope. Always have hope! There is plenty of help through natural ways, to help your body do its job in healing, recovering, increasing energy, lessening pain and fatigue; getting you back to the "real" you, vibrant and healthy. You will find that through natural homeopathic healing foods & herbs, exercise, therapy and tools, you can live a quality life with improved health and well-being.

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