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The Juniper Tree

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The Juniper Tree…Beautiful, Rugged & Enduring. It all starts with a seed. There are seeds of promise that lead to life…But there are also seeds of doubt, denial, deception, defeat, envy, bitterness, unforgiveness, and many more that only lead to corruption, sin, destruction and ultimate death. We must decide on which seed we will let take root in us, and which type of fruit we will bear. Will we bear good fruit? Can we offer shelter to others riding a storm…compassion through our own experiences? We are caught up in a storm, a raging spiritual battle that twists and batters us like nothing we've ever imagined. Our enemy crosses dimensions, planes and "reality" to get to us. We must put on our armor and be battle ready. We are of the seed of promise, coming into our land flowing with milk and honey. We are the children of the King. We must endure like the Juniper Tree, and become strong in our maker, persevering through the storms of life and still be standing, having done all to stand.

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