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As In the Days of Noah

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There is a battle going on as we are caught up in the midst of Spiritual Warfare. Is your shield up & your sword drawn; sharp, piercing, dividing soul & spirit, joints & marrow? Do you have all the pieces of your armor, that you desperately need? Chaos seems to be the new norm with uncertainty everywhere, leaving us puzzled, perplexed, even fearful of our future and that of our children's future. We are living in times of great corruption to one's moral standard and values throughout almost every sector in life; in our relationships both personal & work, politically, educationally, medically, physically, mentally and spiritually. Are we too carefree in allowing our innocence, our freedoms to be overtaken and changed for us, placing us in bondage? Though times have changed with advanced technologies of every type, our human race has gone backwards again, living in tremendous evil, back to the Days of Noah. It may seem so overwhelming, hard to regain freedom But, we do have hope and we have promises!

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