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Embers of Darkness: Through the Ashes, #2

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Wary. Angry. Driven.
The dark elves have the sword and are using it against the dragon army, but this can't be the end. Bells refuses to believe it. The hope they're looking for is not outside themselves. It's within. 
Lost. Bitter. Undone.
Jaekob blames himself for the sword being taken by the dark elves, for the rising death toll. But he remains unconvinced he's the one to take up this fight. There are better choices, Bells being one of them.
Bells remains hopeful. She's going to remove the sword's power from the hands of the enemy. She's going to bring peace to her lands and her people.
And Jaekob is going to help her. He just hasn't figured that out yet.


Through the Ashes Reading Order:

Sword of Fire

Embers of Darkness

Blaze of Magic

Spark of War (prequel)

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