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Traumatic Brain Injury & Post Concussion Syndrome:Do's & Dont's A Personal Journey: TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY: TBI & POST-CONCUSSION SYNDOME: PCS, #2

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DO'S & DON'TS What to do and What not to do, after a Traumatic Brain Injury & Post-Concussion Syndrome. As a person tries to navigate their life through the many symptoms brought about by a Traumatic Brain Injury & Post-Concussion Syndrome, it can be met with very challenging and overwhelming obstacles. The search for natural and holistic ways to help can be daunting, when the medical community so freely offers pharmaceuticals instead; misdiagnosing the symptoms. Do's & Don'ts is a companion piece to TBI & PCS "10 Simple Steps Your Doctor May Not Know That Can Help You", that further offers therapeutic, holistic, and "real life" solutions to benefit a recovering brain injured individual. This book also offers helpful suggestions to better cope with overwhelming stimuli and the symptoms they can produce, ultimately managing through the healing process while recovering from a brain injury and Post-Concussion Syndrome, leading to a full quality life.

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