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The Seventh Angel: The Prophet Series

405 pages5 hours


Aegeus, Meir, and Kfir join forces with a Sentinel on a race against time to find and protect eleven humans before Lucifer destroys them. It is a mission that may change the course of human history.  

Each of the humans is facing their own trial. From cancer, adultery and alcoholism to human trafficking and dating the antichrist, they soon find their paths are converging as a series of seemingly unrelated events begins to bring them together. One of the humans has stumbled upon a file she should never have seen and unknowingly attracted the attention of Lucifer putting the entire group at risk. With his plans threatened, Lucifer seeks to destroy not only the humans but the angels as well. 

Aegeus soon discovers that little is as it seems and sometimes the hardest thing to do is to do nothing at all.  Every battle has a price, and this battle will cost one of them their life. Aegeus must make the hardest decision of his life because the price of losing is even higher.

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