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Shadow Valley



Fear hangs over Shadow Valley as Aiden and Dylan begin their senior year. Mr. Johnson finally calls in his favor, and it might be more than Dylan and Aiden can handle, but the fae are magically bound to keep their promises and Dylan won't abandon his best friend.

When someone claiming to be from Aiden's past appears, he's faced with a dangerous dilemma. Is one of his fondest wishes coming true, or is he walking into a trap?

Then the anti-treaty extremists make a shocking move to bolster their forces, leaving the already weakened wardens reeling. An old foe returns, forcing Dylan to face his mistakes. While the town braces for another attack, Dylan considers taking drastic measures to make things right.

In the thrilling conclusion to the Shadow Valley series, Aiden and Dylan risk everything to save their town, their loved ones, and each other.

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