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The Kilorian Sisters: A Witches of Shadow Lake Mystery



Addie Kilorian glanced nervously up above them.  Up there, in the dark, was the floor of Shadow Lake...

In the midst of Shadow Lake's worst blizzard in a hundred years the Kilorian sisters prepare for their annual guided tour into the Shadow Lake Caverns.

They do this tour every year to alleviate the mystery of the caverns and dissuade would-be adventurers from finding the well of essence that lies within.  

Willow is all for canceling the trip and Addie suspects it has less to do with the weather and more to do with her boyfriend. 

Kiera, as the head of the family, reminds her of the Kilorian's duty to Shadow Lake which puts an end to talk of canceling.

As it turns out, however, Willow may have been right after all.

When all hell breaks loose during the tour, the Kilorian sisters and their tour companions find themselves fighting for their survival. 

Will they make it out alive?

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