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She was his girlfriend’s mother, the ultimate forbidden fruit. She was hot, desirable, tempting and completely off limits. Yet it was clear they both wanted each other. But there was also his faculty advisor at the college who was just as hot and just as off limits. There were choices to make; choices that could either ruin lives and careers. But not all choices are clear cut. Especially when you lie to yourself about whom you really lov

As we continued to paint and her top unzipped one more time before we were done. This time it completely came undone while both of her arms were fully outstretched trying to paint the upper corner of the wall with the roller. When she clutched at it but eluded her grasp and it fell to the floor. She covered herself quickly with her arm and bent to grab the top up off the floor.

“I probably should go change into something else.” She said as she picked it up.

“Ah, it’s OK. We are almost done here and I don’t mind. You can just leave it off. It’s just us here.” I said in a teasing tone that was meant to put her at ease and let her know need not be embarrassed. Then on a whim I shot her a glance that said, “I dare you.”

She looked at me and grinned but her grin seemed different than if she were merely amused. It was more sexually teasing. She dropped the top on the floor with a ‘challenge accepted’ look on her face. Then she went back to painting only now doing it topless. Her tits were amazing: perfectly shaped 36Ds, and not sagging any more than Cammy’s did which was not much. They jiggled and swayed with her movements as she painted, and I had trouble concentrating on the work at hand. Every now and again I caught her looking at me out of the corner of her eye to see if I was watching her. She seemed pleased that I was. She also seemed pleased with the bulge in my jeans.

We finished the painting shortly thereafter and headed up to the garage. The repair work in the garage was very minor and I had it done in less than fifteen minutes.

“All done!” I said happily.

“Thank you for helping out, Johnny.” She said. “I really appreciate it – especially with the painting.” Then she paused and looked at me conspiratorially and said: “Let’s just keep the wardrobe malfunctions, and…this” she pointed to her naked tits, “between the two of us. OK?”

“No problem. I did enjoy them though.”

She looked at me like I was a naughty boy in the way a woman looks at a man when he’s said something suggestive and she knows she should be protesting but secretly is happy he said it.

“That’s because you are a guy.” She giggled.

“Thank you for noticing.” I said again on purpose to see how she would respond.

“Oh, I noticed.” She said in an admiring tone looking me directly in the eye with a facial expression that bordered on wantonly lust filled. “I have noticed.”


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