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Short Stories Collection: Classic Fantasy & Science Fiction

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Hours of great reading! 23 fantasy & science fiction stories from some of the 20th century's most renowned fantasy & science fiction authors; Fletcher Pratt, Robert Arthur Jr., Eando Binder, Jack Vance, John D. MacDonald, Ward Moore, Frank Herbert and Edward D. Hoch. The stories originally appeared in magazines between 1931 and 1963.

The book includes the following stories:

The War of the Giants, Fletcher Pratt, Wonder Stories, May 1931
Theft of the Washington Monument, Robert Arthur Jr., Amazing Stories, October 1933
The Moon Mines, Eando Binder, Wonder Stories, April 1933
Shadows of Blood, Eando Binder, Weird Tales, April 1935
Expedition to Pluto, Fletcher Pratt and Laurence Manning, Planet Stories, Winter 1939
The World-Thinker, Jack Vance, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Summer 1945
The Hunted, John D. MacDonald, Super Science Stories, July 1949
The Ultimate One, John D. MacDonald, Super Science Stories, March 1950
The Wheel of Time, Robert Arthur, Super Science Stories, March 1950
A Violation of Rules, Fletcher Pratt, Startling Stories, February 1952
We, The People..., Ward Moore, Science Fiction Quarterly, May 1952
Ecological Onslaught, Jack Vance, Future Science Fiction, May 1953
The Monster - or The Monster?, Eando Binder, Science Fiction Quarterly, February 1954
Shipwreck in the Sky, Eando Binder, Fantastic Universe, March 1954
The Second Trip to Mars, Ward Moore, The Saturday Evening Post, August 28, 1954
The Nothing, Frank Herbert, Fantastic Universe, January 1956
A Practical Man’s Guide, Jack Vance, Space Science Fiction Magazine, August 1957
The Last Unicorns, Edward D. Hoch, Science Fiction Stories, February 1959
Who Rides with Santa Anna?, Edward D. Hoch, Real Western Stories, Feb. 1 1959
It Becomes Necessary, Ward Moore, The 7th Annual of the Year's Best S-F, 1962
The Mirror of Cagliostro , Robert Arthur, Fantastic Stories of Imagination, June 1963
The Maze and The Monster, Edward D. Hoch, Magazine of Horror, August 1963
The Faceless Thing, Edward D. Hoch, Magazine of Horror, November 1963

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