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Ways to Motivate Employees: The Happier and More Motivated the Employee, the Happier the Customer, the Healthier the Bottom Line

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Motivation is a pillar of the organizations. It is the success key for any company. An organization's heart is their employees. Therefore, motivation for employees is an important chapter of the organization. Every employer knows that to keep a good employee is harder than find a good job. Motivation varies from company to company. Therefore, it is often a difficult task for managers is to motivate their employees. To boost employee motivation as an employer, they may need to make employees happy and comfortable and give them a target to aim for.

Effectively motivating employees can outcome in improved spirits, reduced turnover, and enhance in production and earnings. Employer can give their employees internal, external motivation or payment basis or non-payment basis motivation. Therefore, in order to be a successful motivator, employers need to know their employees and search for what their interests are and what is important to them. Proper motivation helps the employees to be confident, valued, and secure and work dedicatedly for their organization and the employers to get the preferred goal.

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