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JIMGRIM - Complete Spy Thrillers Series: Jimgrim and Allah's Peace, The Iblis at Ludd, The Seventeen Thieves of El-Kalil, The Lion of Petra, The Woman Ayisha, The Lost Trooper, Affair In Araby, A Secret Society…

4,456 pages72 hours


James Schuyler Grim, or "Jimgrim" is an American who had been recruited by the British intelligence services because of his in-depth knowledge of Arab life. He often travels to Middle East in order to protect British interest in that part of the world, putting himself, quite often, in a grave danger.
Table of Contents:
Jimgrim and Allah's Peace
The Iblis at Ludd
The Seventeen Thieves of El-Kalil
The Lion of Petra
The Woman Ayisha
The Lost Trooper
Affair in Araby
A Secret Society
Moses and Mrs. Aintree
The Mystery of Khufu's Tomb
Jungle Jest
The Nine Unknown
The Marriage of Meldrum Strange
The Hundred Days
OM — The Secret of Ahbor Valley
The Devil's Guard
Jimgrim (King of the World)

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