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Given Blood

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One man’s destiny; to stand against the power of evil.

Cal, (Calderon) a young home-loving blacksmith, just like his father and his father before him, is torn from his comfortable life into a world of evil and magic.
Destiny decrees that his personal future is tied irrevocably to that of the land and the evil masters who control the population with merciless cruelty.

Cal’s journey starts out simple and happy enough as he travels to his bride-to-be’s hamlet to bring her back to his home and the wedding that they had planned since childhood. But things turn out to be not so simple, as he meets with difficulties and disasters along the way.

Dragged from the doors of death by an aged witch, captured by a young girl and caged to await judgment by a tribe of primitive people, only to undertake a perilous journey into a world of ancient beliefs and powerful evil beyond his wildest dream and fears, yet he must prevail.

A prophecy of hope and redemption decrees it.

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