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Holidays Cubed

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Their traditional Christmas celebration might end on a sour note unless Bleau can lasso the girl of his dreams. Melicity Underhill is a raven-haired beauty. On Earth, her height and athletic build could have made her a model, but with her genius level IQ and understanding of the symbiotic relationships necessary for management of a smart, enabled facility, Felicity isn't on Earth. She's the facilities director for the Center for Advanced Research known as the Cube. Bleau Callahan, is the epitome of a Texas cowboy. That is if you can overlook his pointed ears, tail, and the glowing blue crystal in the middle of his chest. Melicity is Bleau's boss, and he's sure, she's the perfect woman for him. Now all he has to do is convince her of that while the residents of the Cube celebrate a traditional Earth Christmas.

Holidays Cubed is a stand-alone novella set in the League of Planetary System. If you like science fiction romance, with relatable characters, not all of them human, you'll love this book. 172 pages.

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