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Around the world in eighty days: (Illustrated)

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Around the world in eighty days

For the sake of a bet, an Englishman embarks on the journey of a lifetime, in this classic adventure tale from a master of the form Phileas Fogg believes the world has gotten smaller. With the opening of a new railroad across India, he calculates it will now be possible to circumnavigate the globe in as few as eighty days. 

When the men at his club disagree, Fogg bets them the astonishing sum of £20,000—half his worth—that he can make the trip. Accompanied by his new manservant, the eccentric Passepartout, Fogg risks his fortune, his honor, and his life to prove the naysayers wrong. 

From the sands of Egypt to the jungles of India to the icy waters of the Pacific to the dark corridors of a Chinese opium den, Fogg and Passepartout use every mode of transportation possible to race from one exotic exploit to the next. 

Pursued by a Scotland Yard detective, derailed by a herd of bison, and attacked by Sioux Indians, the travelers never lose sight of their goal—even when they stop to rescue a beautiful damsel in distress. 

A brilliant blend of comedy, adventure, and fantasy, Around the World in Eighty Days continues to delight and amaze readers of all ages, long after the world of Jules Verne’s imagination became our reality.

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