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Beauford Bend



Handsome and accomplished Ranger SGT Beau Beauford knows that deep down he's never been anything but a screw-up. He caused the deaths of his parents and sister, deceived his adoring brothers, and recklessly destroyed his career. With nothing left to lose, he retreats home to Beauford Bend...only to promptly impregnate his best and oldest friend.

Christian Hambrick, owner of Firefly Hall Plantation B&B, is made of guts, steel, and plain good sense, except for that lifelong torch she's held for Beau. When he reached out to her, clearly in need, she gave him everything.

Now Beau insists on marriage, but he's withholding his heart, insisting it's not worth much anyway. However, Christian isn't settling for second best--not for herself or Beau. If she has to take on the whole Beauford family and wage full-scale war on Beaus past to prove him wrong, so be it.

Don't miss this satisfying and emotional conclusion to the Beauford Bend series!

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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