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“Admiral, I have a Mr. Jym Dyll to see you. He's a computer programmer, assigned to Command And Control. He claims it's a matter of some urgency. He says that he wants just five minutes of your time.”
Admiral Dugan considers the matter for a moment. “Send him in. It had damn well better be a matter of some urgency.” The Admiral then watches a rather average appearing young man walk into his office.
Jym Dyll lectures, “Admiral Dugan, security at this base is badly compromised. There is basically one problem, but lots of sources. I know how to solve the problem and I can do that, if you will let me do it.”
The Admiral stares at the man in front of him. “You realize that I have a lot of trained security personnel working on the problem and they characterize it as unsolvable. Why is it that you think that the problem is solvable?”
Jym Dyll lectures, “The enemy has infiltrated this base. They have agents inside the base and the agents have bribed several people to furnish classified information to the enemy. Why would the enemy pay people to furnish them classified information?”
The Admiral sighs and states, “They are disrupting the mission of this base, to the point to where what we do is useless, perhaps, worse than useless.”
Jym Dyll lectures, “Suppose that the supposedly classified information, being furnished to the enemy, was wrong? Not only was the information wrong, but it would result in the enemy deploying forces to counteract non-threats, while our forces struck at positions undefended, because the enemy was watching the wrong places. What would then happen to those that the enemy bribed to betray our side?”
The Admiral muses, “The enemy has a very vicious mind set. They would severely punish those who furnished the false information.”
Jym Dyll lectures, “Given the opportunity to operate in secrecy, I can cause the enemy to receive false data that will result in them committing forces to areas where their forces will be useless. Meanwhile, your forces can strike at areas where the enemy will be weak, because of reaction to the false data. I have laid out my plan, in detail, for your eyes only.”
The Admiral thinks for a moment and then says, “I will review your plan, only because of the desperate situation here. I'll let you know what I decide.”
The interview is obviously over and Jym Dyll departs, saying only, “I'll wait for your answer.”
Jym returns to his work area and then checks with the Department Secretary. “Do I have any mail?”
Corrine says, “Nothing this morning. I got your weekly report, that you dropped off earlier.”
Jym says, “Yeah, I have to file that weekly report, or Nathan gets on me, really bad. Well, it seems that I need to go to the Monday Morning Meeting.”
Corinne snickers, “Yeah, the last time that you missed one, Nathan almost had a heart attack.”
Jym sighs and says, “The fact that I had the supplier repair people in early and I had to escort them was the only thing that saved me.”
Corinne says, “I remember that. It got escalated up to the military command and they had to pull Nathan off you.”
Jym laughs and says, “The military could see that repair of critically needed equipment was more important than a routine meeting. Nathan needed his time in the spotlight and he just couldn't see it that way.”
Jym then strolls into the meeting room and finds a seat, down at one end of the table.
Billy and George are already there and they sit near the center of the table, with just Nathan's empty chair between them. Each of them regards Jym with hostility, however, they don't say anything. (George still bears scars from the beating that Jym put on him, when he attacked Jym. George is bigger than Jym, Jym is quicker and stronger.)

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