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Kill by Numbers

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This “dark and brutal” sequel to The Dangerous Type blends space opera and military science fiction (Publishers Weekly).
No matter how hard Raena Zacari tries to leave her tormented past as an assassin behind, it always seems to catch up with her. First, there are the nightmares—a disturbing series of visions that always end with her shooting someone in the head. Then, there are the pirates—the rag-tag band of media-obsessed vigilantes who have taken a liking to Raena. And, of course, there’s the booby-trapped biotech, left by a now-extinct race known as the Templars, threatening to disrupt the entire galaxy.
As Raena is drawn into a twisted revenge plot waged from beyond the grave, she’ll have to trust her new allies on the starship Veracity and rely on her old friends Ariel and Kavanaugh to keep the galaxy from descending into chaos. But hunting an enemy that no longer exists isn’t just daunting—it may just be impossible.
Praised by Publishers Weekly as “an SF trilogy that seems determined to bring the style of grimdark fantasy to space opera,” Loren Rhoads’s In the Wake of the Templars trilogy is a brilliant and fast-talking genre mash-up that is “sure to please David Weber and Joel Shepherd fans” (Library Journal).

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