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The Kingdom of Honey: The Kingdom of Honey

Length: 435 pages6 hours


The Kingdom of Honey by David Edward Martin (approx. 112,000 words)

Set in a vast and hive-like City Kingdom; a world strangely familiar, but disturbingly different from our own. When the King is murdered and the Queen cast, powerful forces vie for the vacant Crown.  Only Mr. Punsworth Pooter, a 'person rarely noticed', has a chance to find and save the new Queen; a young girl recognised at once by the Royal Honeybees, yet unaware of the magical potential that grows within her. But dark forces lie in wait.

Rich in imagery and the scale of the world you've created is fascinating.  Kathryn Robinson

The narrator's tone is spot-on throughout – authoritative, but crackling with a dark, dry wit.  Cornerstones 

Punsworth Pooter is a wonderful character. It could make an excellent film.  Dinah Ceely

A fantasy novel with a thoughtful, allegorical strand. Highly imaginative and wonderfully evocative.  Kylie Fitzpatrick

The subject matter is compelling and poignant…a rich and interesting world.  Frances Moloney

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