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Bought For One Night: The Sheikh's Offer: Bought By Him, #2

Length: 131 pages3 hours


Julianne Wood is a beautiful Hollywood actress, but her star is fading. Having had no big movie roles in a long time, and a very public and acrimonious split with her former boyfriend, the cheating A-list actor Jack Lister, she needs to turn things around, and fast.

One day she receives an offer from a mysterious source. One million dollars for one night, spent in the company of an enthusiastic fan: the shadowy Sheikh Zane bin Alaman of Al-Dali. With few other options, and battling conflicting pangs of nerves and curiosity, Julianne accepts the Sheikh's offer.

To her surprise, Sheikh Zane is unlike any man she's ever met; handsome, charismatic, and cultured in all the right ways. One night could be enough to steal Julianne's heart…

Rumor travels fast in Hollywood, however, and soon nefarious forces seek to drive Julianne and her Sheikh lover apart, but will they succeed?

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