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Bitter Pill: The Case Files of Icarus Investigations, #6

Length: 327 pages4 hours


The sixth exciting adventure with the team of Icarus Investigations.

The Icarus team is pulled into a tangle of lies when the plans for a new and revolutionary drug are stolen from an upstart pharmaceutical company. The case should be easy, but the private investigators discover they're part of a larger plot that makes them suspects in the drug's disappearance.

All they have to work with to solve the case is a confusing trail of clues that takes them across the country and to the other side of the world. They must solve the mystery of who is behind the theft and what they plan to do with a medical drug that isn't what it appears to be before time runs out. The detectives learn the hard way that healing can be deadly.

The sixth case of Icarus Investigations is a thrilling ride where no one can be trusted and things never appear as they seem.

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