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A Christmas Tree Christmas... Children's Picture Book.

Length: 31 pages9 minutes


A Christmas Tree CHRISTMAS

Children's Picture Book.

"This is a story of a strong, and sturdy tree.
His name is Spike to you and me.
He's found himself in trouble, and it looks pretty bad. He was minding his own business, growing happy with the others.
But the farmer's come along, and it's put Spike in a bother.
Will he get the chop, to be someone's Christmas tree.
If you come and read the story, you'll be sure to see.
There's a lovely little song with this Christmas book.
Why don't you go and find it, then you can take a look.
I will sing it for you, then you can all sing along.
Maybe Spike will even join us, for the Christmas tree song.
You can sing it in the morning, you can sing along at night.
You can teach it to your friends, that would do just fine.
Then we can all get together and have a happy christmas time.
Singing happily along to the christmas tree rhymne.
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