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E.C. Max, Kid Genius Books 1-3

Length: 102 pages40 minutes


Hey guys, it's Max,

So far three of my wacky misadventures and experiventions have been fully documented and shared with everyone. Awesome right! Just to make sure you didn't miss any I've put them all together in this special report. 
E.C. Max, Kid Genius Books 1 - 3 Critter Camp, Mighty Magnet, Floating Friend

Be sure to check out my patented bug repelling and attracting devices in

Critter Camp

Explore magnetism in my fast paced

Mighty Magnet

Of course you can't miss out how I helped my girl... err bestfriend to fly in

Floating Friend

Look out for more misadventures of

E.C. Max, Kid Genius

coming soon as I solve everyday problem using science and technology!

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