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Length: series


Dean Arkin's life is a mess.

Ever since his brother died and his girlfriend Morgan left, he's determined to fill the void with meaningless sex. Sleeping around is easy, and Dean has become an expert at leaving feelings at the door.

Until her.

Ripley Price.

She's smart, beautiful, and completely immune to Dean's charms; his reputation as a player preceding him.

Ripley Price has finally removed herself from her smothering parents. They mean well, but she's always fought for her independence and being at Parkland University is one more step in the right direction.

People have always tried to save Ripley, thinking she needs a hero when all she wants is an equal partner. Dean intrigues her, but his reputation as a player is a turnoff. Ripley isn't willing to sacrifice her newfound freedom, especially not for a guy who goes through women like she changes socks.

Ripley may want to keep her distance, but Dean never backs down from a challenge and he's out to win.

**This is a Rule Series Novella**

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