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Ball & Chain

Length: 274 pages4 hours


Hired to track down a missing woman, snarky Max finds her own bad-boy ex, a string of corpses spanning a decade, and a fierce little girl who steals her heart.

Described by her sister-in-law as "the most boring woman in the world," is Jane a victim or a serial killer? Did she really have visions of the Virgin Mary or is she nuts? And why has little Claire taken a vow of silence until Jane returns?

While working the increasingly confusing case, newbie PI Max also keeps tabs on the former love of her life. Is Gareth an ally or a suspect? Has he really reformed or is it just another act? He's always been a convincing liar, as Max knows all too well.

Too many questions with elusive answers keep Max on the run as she tries to solve her most difficult case and deal with her own emotional baggage in her own blunt, cranky way.

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