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King Of Clubs

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This is the story of a unique business entrepreneur, Anton Johnson, a man who expanded from a family business into the world of entertainments and soccer - a man who ultimately became the victim of a vicious and slanderous courtroom battle instigated by corrupt soccer bosses who feared media exposure. Charges involved false accusations, and the case collapsed, but the damage to Johnson’s reputation was irreparable, and it was the end of his soccer career. He owned three soccer clubs at the same time, ran groundbreaking nightclubs of the seventies, and had personal friendships and business relationships with a host of soccer, music, showbiz, and movie legends. Soccer personalities included George Best, Bobby Moore, Emlyn Hughes, Harry Redknapp, Harry Gregg and Brian Clough. Depeche Mode once asked him to manage them. He hob-nobbed with high society while rubbing shoulders with the infamous. Reggie Kray was a regular phone call away, and Anton made several visits to Wayland prison to discuss running the ‘Blind Beggar’ pub. While Margaret Thatcher ruled Anton once sent her the biggest ever Valentines card. It seems an almost unbelievable story of one man’s achievements that grew from the core of his love of the ‘Beautiful Game.’ He even managed to release three music singles of his own in the charts. Such charismatic and larger than life characters are rare, but Anton Johnson is one of them.

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