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Anthony's Tailor

Length: 278 pages4 hours


Double your pleasure takes on a whole new meaning when tailor Aiden Fox runs into his latest ex at a wedding and learns he’s been dating the wrong twin! Maybe he should just give up on dating and stick to his business instead. And of course there’s his nosy grandma, and his feisty cat. So why does he dare to yearn for romance in his life?

Anthony Townsend is more than a little miffed at his identical twin for the havoc he’s wreaked, both with the bride-to-be and her tailor. His visit to Aiden’s shop is simply to check on the tailor, make amends for his brother. That’s what he tells himself, anyway.

Can Aiden trust the same face that done him wrong? Can Anthony forget that Aiden dated his twin brother? Can both men see beyond what’s on the surface long enough to discover what lies beneath? If they can do that, maybe love can find a way...

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