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Rise of Faiden

Length: series


Shackled and tortured by the dark ruler of Faiden to awaken his prophetic power, Kenneth struggles to find a way to turn his gift against his captor and brother, Sayron. As his sanity wanes, Kenneth comes to realize that Sayron is a slave to the Power that controls him. Can the prisoner save his sanity and his brother, or will the darkness he sees in his visions consume both of them?

Shattered by grief, lost, and alone, Vera endures the brutal landscape of the Northern Mountains in search of the Oracle to learn how to defeat the dark lord. In her desperation, can she continue to fight knowing she will have to kill her beloved brother, Sayron?

Attia, the immortal who gave rise to Faiden, hears the pleas of the kingdom to be healed. She calls the guardians of the shards of the shattered Cerulean Crystal home. Will Vera succeed in her quest and gather with them to restore the heart of Faiden?

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