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Heal The Sick, Cast Out Demons

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Never in the history of the Church has spiritual warfare been as fierce as it is today. If we are not victorious now in our battle with the evil one, what will we do during the Great Tribulation, in the three and half years when the beast will wage war with the saints?
On April 15, 2014, I was flying to Europe. It was a 10 hour direct flight from Vancouver BC, Canada to Munich, Germany.
After a hot meal was served at 7 PM, everyone fell asleep. It was as though an angel of the Lord came and touched everyone’s eyes, giving them rest. I was the only one awake when suddenly the Lord started speaking to me through the Holy Spirit; “Take your note book and write what I will reveal to you”. Before I reached Munich, this book was completed, written word by word at 33,000 feet above the earth. It was the best flight of my life. My hope is that this book will help and encourage the reader to be victorious in any trial of life.

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