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Summer Camp

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Terry, Jake and Billy go camping at Devil’s Dyke Camp. The setting is beautiful, right next to the lake, with the hope of lots of fishing, hiking and fun.
His two buddies, Jake and Billy, tried to pretend they couldn't hear him. They had so many other wonderful things to pay attention to, the beautiful scenery stretching for miles ahead of them as they sat motionless on the road, as the searing rays of the noontime July sun cast intriguing patterns of bitter, burning sweat lines running down each other's faces. It was not turning out to be a good trip. And Terry's temper was starting to show, which didn't help to defuse their problem.
“I just had those brakes replaced last month. What the hell is wrong with them?”
Terry's green eyes glistened with anger as he threw the driver door open with his powerful left arm. Jake, in the front seat, chanced a quick look into the back, where Billy just shrugged.

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