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Chaucer Complete Works – World’s Best Collection: 120+ Works – All Geoffrey Chaucer’s Poems, Poetry, Stories, Canterbury Tales, Major and Minor Works Plus Annotations, Biography & All Additional Chaucerian Works

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Geoffrey Chaucer Complete Works World's Best Collection

This is the world’s best Chaucer collection, including the most complete set of Chaucer’s works available plus many free bonus materials.

Geoffrey Chaucer

Geoffrey Chaucer is known as the Father of English literature, considered one the greatest English poets and a dominant figure in developing the legitimacy of the common Middle English as literature at a time when the dominant literary languages in England were French and Latin

The ‘Must-Have’ Complete Collection

In this irresistible collection you get a full set of Chaucer’s work, with more than 100 different works - All Chaucer’s poetry, All his tales and stories, All major and minor works Plus Complete annotations and explanations for all of Chaucer’s work. And a full length biography. As well as Free Bonus material, including other Chaucerian works.

Works Included:

Chaucer And His Times - A biography of Chaucer’s intriguing life, in historical context.

The Canterbury Tales - The complete set of all Chaucer’s magnificent tales and stories, including, among many others:

The Knight’s Tale

The Miller’s Tale

The Cook’s Tale

The Monk’s Tale

The Romaunt Of The Rose

The Minor Poems- A complete set of all of Chaucer’s smaller poems, written in his inimitable style, including among others:

Troilus And Criseyde

The Hous Of Fame

The Legend Of Good Women

Boece – Chaucer’s Rare Translation Of Boethius’s “The Consolation Of Philosophy

A Treatise On The Astrolabe

The Flower And The Leaf

Other Chaucerian Works & Bonus material included in this collection - These are other works either sometimes attributed to Chaucer or works of the same or later period, imitating his style. Not only poetic and beautiful in their own right, historically, these other Chaucerian works are important to any study of or interest in Chaucer.

Notes And Annotations on Chaucer’s Works And On Other Chaucerian Works

Notes On Chaucer’s Use Of ‘E’

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This is the best Chaucer collection you can get, so get it now and start enjoying and being inspired by his world like never before!

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