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Under Her Covers: Death's Relentless Dance (A Reverse Harem Romance), #2

222 pages3 hours


The Scarlet Infection is dead, but its mutation—the Scarlet Hell—is killing everyone it touches as death's relentless dance goes on.

Dr. Indiana Jones and her company have nothing left to fight it with. All they can do is survive, but as they struggle to rebuild a normal life, new threats rise up against them. Their unstable home is a popular target for raids, and the man raining destruction down on them is the last person Indie expected.

The Army no longer exists, forcing Indie's former soldiers to adapt to a world without order. When the unthinkable happens, Austin, Cody, Eli, and Jack's bond deteriorates. Shaken and desperate, the guys launch a rescue mission and recruit an unlikely person who's reluctant to help anyone. He has secrets, and revealing the truth could drive them apart. Reckless choices put them all at risk. Love will survive, but what will it cost them?

Warning: Graphic Content, Sexual Situations with MMMMF interaction, For Adults Only

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