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The Song

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Saturday morning: a wealthy doctor without borders or many boundaries arrives in Berlin from Paris, accompanied by a wounded warrior—a captain in the French special forces, recovering from nearly dying in the Middle East. They are staying at the Grand Hyatt for a brief vacation.

Saturday afternoon:  On the way from the airport to the Grand Hyatt to attend a conference, a church's virgin lawyer and chief financial officer makes a side trip to pick up Dieter, whose services he's engaged for the week. He decides to bring Horst along as well. The taxi driver is not amused.

Saturday evening:  The doctor, the warrior and the lawyer see each other in the crowded lobby, and then again at the black tie charity fundraiser in the hotel ballroom.

From there...more meetings that are far from chance, a gay bar with a popular darkroom, a hot tub, an extraordinary waltz, several first times, some partings, strands of glowing color twining in the dark; many songs, but only one song.

This is a love story, and the path of love is not always smooth. It twists and turns and twines like those colored strands. How the tale ends is up to you.


58,272 words of actual story text.

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